Happy Holidays! Lemons Rally Adds Three New Events for 2019

In an attempt to ruin the holidays for hundreds of car-enthusiast households, Lemons Rally organizers have decided to gift the world with three more rallies in 2019. These roadgoing manifestations of discombobulation all depart the day after 24 Hours of Lemons races, giving Lemons faithful the chance to compound their mistakes.

O come let us adore them, these myrrh-like bestowments upon the Lemons world:

Florida Man Poker Run: April 29 to May 3
Kershaw, SC > Myrtle Beach, SC > Jacksonville, FL > Tampa, FL > Homestead, FL > Key West, FL

The Four-Bangors Banger Rally: July 1-6
Bangor, MI > Bangor, NY > Bangor, ME > Bangor, PA, > Bangor, MI

World Tour of Texas: November 11-14
Angleton, TX > San Angelo, TX > Shamrock, TX > Tyler, TX > Angleton, TX

The Florida Man Poker run follows the Southern Discomfort 24-hour race at Carolina Motorsports Park. The Four-Bangors Banger Rally departs from nearby Gingerman Raceway after The Cure for Gingervitis race. Finally, the World Tour of Texas leaves the Houston area after the Yokohama Stuntin’ and Splodin’ Soiree at MSR Houston.

That gives a total of five ill-conceived rallies to choose from with the Retreat From Moscow Rally (Moscow, PA > Paris, TN > Birmingham, AL from January 29 – February 1) and the Hell On Wheels Monterey Rally (Loop out of Monterey, August 13-17). The Lemons Rally site gives all of the information and a place to sign up for the rallies much to the chagrin/rejoicing of your loved ones/insurance benefactors.

What is the Lemons Rally anyway?


The road-tripping version of Lemons requires even less from its participants than 24 Hours of Lemons races. Cars need only have current registration and insurance to run the rallies. Drivers need only a current, valid license. However, some experts have pointed out that loose morals and poor sense of direction often help (but are not required). There is no $500 limit for rallies, although crappier cars score more points at the rally start (Full scoring deets here).

We’ll have more details soon on the Lemons Rally site. Register for the rallies right here.