Lemons Rally: Hell On Wheels California Gets New Route, Dates

While we know you’re dying for more info on the results of last weekend’s Rocky Mountain Breakdown Lemons Rally—and it’s coming, we assure you—let’s get you up to speed on the next rally. That would be the Hell On Wheels Monterey California Lemons Rally. Yes, that is a strikethrough because we’ve changed the dates and the route, slightly.

Considering the previous four years have seen us exhaust the ways into and out of the Monterey Peninsula, we thought we’d try a new tack. The Concours d’Lemons is doing a virtual concours event (which you can and should enter right now) so we don’t have to end up where they are. As a result, we’re gonna start and end the rally in Lemons Chief Perp Jay Lamm’s gorgeous San Joaquin River town of Stockton.

If that conjures up images of agricultural purgatory, fret not. It’s merely the most sensible place for us to begin and end an event that we’re excited will feature some fantastic mountain roads. Here’s the general stuff you need to know:

Friday, August 14: Stockton/Modesto/Lodi to Mendocino
Saturday, August 15: Mendocino to Grass Valley
Sunday, August 16: Grass Valley back to Stockton/Modesto/Lodi.

As we said earlier, we’re still working on a kickoff site and a final checkpoint, but expect them to fall somewhere around Stockton

The final deadline for payment will be August 12, so you’ve got almost a full month to get your fees in and to register all of your vehicle’s occupants. We’ll have no onsite additions or substitutions from the registration, so get your people in. (Finish your registration here.)

About COVID-19 and Rallies

Of course, all of this is being done during the current coronavirus conditions, so this is subject to change and/or cancellation. As of this moment right now, we think we can pull off the rally if our participants can follow state laws about wearing masks throughout the rally and generally not act like douches. Long story short: Expect less human contact than most rallies. Expect to wear a mask the whole time. Expect awesome roads and good stories nevertheless.

We’ll have more information soon as we finalize things, but we think this might be our best California rally yet. Feel free to email Eric@24HoursOfLemons.com if you have any questions.