Lemons World: Let’s Appreciate Judge Sajeev


24 Hours of Lemons

If you’re an avid consumer of automotive media on the internet, let’s first start by apologizing. You probably should be using your time more wisely. Now that we’ve cleared that up, we certainly hope you auto-media consumers are big fans of Sajeev Mehta from The Truth About Cars. While he writes about important and upcoming things in the auto world, he is—more importantly—a regular 24 Hours of Lemons judge and an enthusiast for old Fords.

24 Hours of Lemons

Mind you, when we say “old Fords,” we mean 1980s stuff that nobody else in the world cares about. He knows every option on the 1985 Ford Tempo. Sajeev also gets really (physically) excited over early Ford Ranger pickup trucks. And he owns a front-wheel-drive Lincoln Continental and a bunch of other forgettable Ford crap. He’s also a huge fan of Houston’s SLAB scene, for which we are forever indebted to him.

Now, you may think we’re poking fun at our favorite headdress-wearing Indian, but it turns out…he’s kind of onto something brilliant. Check out it on Lemons World Episode 35. Be sure to subscribe to the 24 Hours of Lemons YouTube Channel. If you’re extremely bored, you can also watch all of the Lemons World episodes in one playlist right here: