Lemons Long Haulin’: Transfer Fees From COVID’d Races, Get Seen


Hi (Deservedly Anxious) Racers:

I wish I knew when we’d get back on the track. I don’t. Which is a bummer, but in the grand scheme of things pretty trivial.

What doesn’t seem trivial is how the Lemons crowd has stood up. So far, the vast majority of teams in covided races have just moved to future events rather than quitting. At a scary, uncertain moment like this, that says a lot. It says they really do love to be racing, and they really do value the friendships it’s brought them.

I think that needs to be recognized. It’s kinda spectacular. So, we’re going to give everybody whose team moves to another race rather quitting a unique patch for their suit and a (mercy-garnering?) sticker for their car: I’M IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL. Lemons racers still abed may not think themselves accursed, exactly…but if you’re wearing the patch, we’ll all know.

Thanks for believing in this preposterous thing we keep doing. We really feel lucky to have found other weirdos like us.


Jay Lamm
Chief Perp, 24 Hours of Lemons

P.S. Wash your damn hands. Stay home if you can and stay up to date with the CDC’s announcements.