Australia & New Zealand Rebranding

Since 2015, a firm owned by Sean Herbert has held endurance races in Australia using the 24 Hours of Lemons name under license. A similar arrangement has existed with a firm owned by Jacob Simonsen in New Zealand. The agreement allowing these firms to use Lemons’ branding has ended.

Sean, Jacob, and their teams have done a great job running safe, fun, approachable endurance races and helped thousands of Aussies and Kiwis become racedrivers. This change in no way affects their ability to keep holding races—those already planned and in future–under new branding, which we hope and expect they will do. (In fact, we’re working with Jacob right now on his early October 9-10 event at Hampton Downs Motorsports Park, and it’s going to be great.)

After a short rebranding period, we’ll introduce you to the new names these groups will race under; continue to share our advice and experience with their organizers and racers; and wholeheartedly support them under their new names as Official Friends of Lemons.

No other entity may use Lemons’ name in racing in Australia or New Zealand, and there are no plans to grant any new licenses. Concours d’Lemons car shows in Australia remain unaffected.