Sebring: Buckle Up, Lemons Is Going Back to Florida

Lemons has kept you in suspense about our Southern Discomfort race venue since we announced our 2020 race schedule. And here it is: Lemons will return to Florida with the Southern Discomfort race at Sebring International Raceway on May 8-9. 

Lemons last raced at Sebring in 2014 during a miserably hot and generally unpleasant July 4 weekend. We’ve snagged ourselves a date with milder temps and are ready to take our particular brand of motorsport to the ancestral home of American endurance racing.

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Moms Race Free!

As it turns out, May 9 is Mother’s Day. While we appreciate the best gift most of our racers can give is to leave the moms in their lives alone for one weekend, we’re waiving driver fees for racing moms! Yep, we’re giving a free driver entry to all mothers who turn up to race at Sebring. What way could you possibly better celebrate Mother’s Day with your beloved mother, wife, or grandmother than by bringing her to drive your terrible race car? 

Here are some catchphrases we’ve been workshopping:

  • Show your mom that being a disappointment is actually a lot more fun than it looks! 
  • Put your wife in the driver’s seat and watch as she scorches your lap times! 
  • The family that fails together, uh, probably, uh fails together…or something. (Still working on that one.)

If you’re racing mother or bringing a mother to race at Southern Discomfort, email Nick Pon (Nick@24hoursoflemons.com) to attest to your/her bonafides.

Sebrings Also Race Free!

As we did last time at Sebring, we’re honoring those most magnificent race-ready machines by giving free entry for Chrysler Sebrings. Yes, if you’re a person of such refinement and taste to bring Chrysler’s finest attempt at executive sports…whatever the hell it was supposed to be…you deserve the free entry that comes with it. You’re likely even to end up competing with your Sebring at Sebing for a Class C win, which pays out the most money. 

Want more motivation?  The various coupe, convertible, and sedan models of the Sebring were all built on different platforms. That gives you the chance to drive a Chrysler-ized Mitsubishi Eclipse right through a Sebring-shaped Class C loophole. How could you lose?!

If you’re bringing a Sebring to race, email Nick Pon (Nick@24hoursoflemons.com) to attest to your bonafides. Qualifying Sebring heaps will get a free entry with up to four drivers.


What if my team has a mom AND a Sebring?

We’ll make sure you at least get a Dundie, as is befitting ye of regional manager status.

Sign up here for Southern Discomfort at Sebring International Raceway on May 8-9. Click here for the whole Lemons 2021 calendar and stay tuned for the 2021 Lemons Rally schedule, coming soon!