Spectator Tickets for Lemons: Share Your Barely Sociable Hobby!

Santa Cruz–Starting in 2022, Lemons make it easier to show your family, friends, neighbors, and parole officers the wonders of crapcan racing with online 24 Hours of Lemons spectator tickets.

Online tickets are so easy that even your douchey, Cayenne-owning brother in law can do it: Just hit the ticket page, cough up $30 for all-weekend/all-access, and scan at the gate. From there, friends and life-insurance adjusters can marvel at the strange world that is Lemons.

Every spectator ticket covers pre-race test and inspection plus the full weekend of racing; include full paddock access; and are refundable should you come to your senses later. Ticketholders can go everywhere except the track itself, the fueling hot pit, and the trackside shed where Lemons’ BS Judges keep their collection of uncaged, underage, underfed poisonous cottonmouths.

Bookmark your online spectator tickets now at spectator-tickets.24hoursoflemons.com.