Winter Wonderland: Photo Highlights from the Retreat From Moscow, Day 1

The first official Lemons event, the Retreat From Moscow, knocked out of Cumberland, Maryland, yesterday morning. With typical breakdowns, backroads, and winter weather, the first day made it in the books. We’ll spare you the full rundown, but we wanted to touch on a few highlights. You can see more by following #LemonsRally on Instagram, where teams are posting their (mis)adventures.


The opening day’s route sent teams out of Maryland’s panhandle into West Virginia. After that, organizers gave teams the option of heading toward the iconic New River Gorge Bridge deep in West Virginia or catching the northern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Either way, rally competitors wound up in Roanoke, Virginia. Regardless, rally organizers also tasked teams with finding a weird mug and consuming a meal—the more inappropriate for a mug, the better—out of it, like a true road warrior. Stattosphere Motorsports’ mug acquisition and meal are among the better ones. You can find more at #StupidRallyMug on Instagram, naturally.


You can’t have a Lemons Rally without some broken vehicles, either. The B-Team faced a roadside repair of their Dodge Caravan’s seized water pump. They think they have it fixed and should be on the road for Day 2 as you read this.

The second day finds the train o’hoopties leaving Roanoke with the option to run the Blue Ridge Parkway where it’s open (the National Park Service closes sections of it as weather dictates). Along the way are stops in Boone, North Carolina and a place to deposit their #StupidRallyMug at Collettsville’s House of Mugs. When it’s all said and done, the winter rally crapheaps convene in Asheville, North Carolina tonight.

Enjoy more photos from Day 1 of the Retreat From Moscow below.