Lemons iRacing: The ‘Y U RUNE Classic’ at Le Mans

With our imminent return to Lemons racing in real life in two weeks, Lemons iRacing will probably scale back (though not disappear because it’s a good time). Before we reduce our number of iRaces, however, Lemons has one more goal: Ruin the Le Mans Circuit. This virtual racing allows us that luxury and this weekend brings the two-night “Y U RUNE Classic” from the famous Circuit de la Sarthe.

We kicked off last Sunday, actually, with a two-hour night race at Le Mans. You can watch that replay right here. Suffice to say, Lemons iRacing does not exactly look like the Real Racing™ people are used to at the famed French circuit. And indeed, we don’t really intend for that to be the case. With Saturday’s race full of hysterically bad ideas and Sunday’s long (for Virtual Lemons) four-hour endurance race, you can expect plenty of poor driving, off-topic commentary, great livery, and spectacularly huge post-race pileups.

Saturday, June 13 @ 7 pm ET

What do we have in store? Well, Saturday night will feature four fantastically blasphemous races. They are:

7 pm ET – Silly Hats Only No Pedal/No Wheel Invitational

A race featuring non-traditional sim-racing control setups. No pedal  and wheel here, unless it’s attached to your arms and legs by rope. We’ve had a wild bevy of things from a Nissan 300ZX climate control system to an Etch-a-Sketch to a bicycle. This week, we’re promised that a racer has hijacked the CAN bus system on a 2016 Buick to control their virtual crapcan. This is peak Lemons iRacing and our favorite place to start.

8 pm ET – Paint It Black

It’s a race in the dark at Le Mans in vehicles with no headlights. Yes, we’re going to broadcast a race where the main visual element will be sparks and onboard footage where no one can see a thing. The winner is going to be the person who survives and/or crashes the least.

9 pm ET – Reversal of Misfortunes

A single-lap race of Le Mans, but there’s a catch: You can only run the racetrack in reverse. Anybody caught using forward gears (except for the inevitable removal from fence) will get disqualified. To boot, this will be a standing start so it’s basically identical to a traditional Le Mans start. Except instead of rushing to get into the car and get it started, racers will have to rush to get their car turned around to cross the start/finish line in reverse.


10 pm ET – Freedom Fry-ve Hundred

iRacing recently released a pair of classic 1987 NASCAR chassis, the 1987 Ford Thunderbird and 1987 Chevy Monte Carlo. We couldn’t very well ignore that. Naturally, we set up a Freedom-Filled ‘Mericuh Race with that pair of classic NASCARS, the 1977 Dang Ol’ Camero-based Street Stock, and the Chevy Silverado NASCAR Truck. Just add an open-pit barbecue and some dollar-store beer on ice. Oh, and this race runs without the famous Mulsanne Chicanes, so look for these suckers to hit 200-210 miles per hour.

Sunday, June 14 @ 7 pm ET

But wait, there’s more. We thought about running a full 24-hour race at Le Mans, but then we decided that would be a pain in the ass because we’d have to sit there for most of that time. Forget that. So we’ve made a four-hour endurance race where the time passes from dawn to dusk. Why no night race? Because people like the headlight-less Street Stock Camero and want to race it. And we want to see a ’77 F-Body at Le Mans. Who wouldn’t?

Be sure to tune into the “Y U RUNE Classic” on the Lemons YouTube Channel or Facebook Page here! You can also get full details on the Lemons iRacing League over at www.iSuckAtRacing.com.


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