Conn Law, PC sponsors new trophy at 2024 California CdL

In what is perhaps the most fitting sponsorship ever, Conn Law, PC, a California-Based Consumer Protection Law Firm that focuses on Lemon Law and Auto Fraud will be presenting the “This Car Should Have Been a Lawsuit” Trophy at the 2024 California Concours d’Lemons, Aug. 17, 2024, at 440 Harcourt Ave, Seaside City Hall lawn during Monterey Auto Week. “The statute of limitations has long since expired for the hoopties in the show,” opines the law school reject and “Head Gasket” of the Concours d’Lemons, Alan Galbraith. “But the sale and auction of lemons and damaged vehicles, car financing scams, dealership fraud, and odometer fraud continue to this day.”  For more information about Conn Law, PC visit https://connlawpc.com or 1-877-421-9759.  .  

Elliot Conn, Founder and Principal of Conn Law, PC will need to bring his many years of protecting consumers to bear when choosing the “This Car Should Have Been a Lawsuit” award, as the Concours d’Lemons attracts the most lawsuit worthy gathering of cars on the planet. “Just a glance at the entry list could fill a court docket for decades to come,” sighs Mr. Conn, “It is going to take an exceptionally actionable rust bucket to win this award.” For your automotive abomination to be admissible at the proceedings you must file before the deadline by clicking here.

The 2024 California Concours d’Lemons is also brought to you by these otherwise respectable companies:
Hagerty – https://www.hagerty.com/
Classic Motorsports Magazine – https://classicmotorsports.com/
Oris – https://www.oris.ch/

What – Concours d’Lemons California 2024
When – Saturday Aug. 17, 2024,  8am-1pm
Where  – 440 Harcourt Ave, Seaside City Hall lawn, Seaside, CA
Why – A court hasn’t ordered us to stop. Yet. 

For more information:
Alan Galbraith – Head Gasket Concours d’Lemons
(916) 207-4645
Elliot J. Conn – Conn Law, PC
 (415) 417-2780