COVID-19 Updates

Is my race canceled?

Events that are not marked “COVID DELAY” on their individual Event Pages are still on for now, but it’s a minute-to-minute thing–if you’re on social media, the official Lemons Facebook and Instagram pages linked below are a good source of up-to-date info, as is the Lemons blog.
If an event that you’ve entered is delayed or canceled, you’ll have three choices:
1) Transfer your entry and fees to a different event.
2) Cancel your entry and get the fees back (minus a 5% processing charge).
3) Do nothing at all, and your team entry and fees will be automatically moved to the next Lemons date at that track.
All registered participants in any delayed race will get a direct email with full links and details for each option, and we’ll do our best to keep the individual Event Pages updated. Stay tuned, and stay safe!

Should I sign up for a new race?

We have extended payment deadlines for all events up to two weeks before the scheduled event weekend. So yes, you can sign up for any future race, and you won’t be on the hook for the normal deadlines. 

What precautions/rules will be in place for events that do happen?

Additional regulations may include the following:

  • You must maintain six feet of social distance from anyone not on your team
  • Face coverings (to keep your own spit-goobers in) are required outside of your paddock area
  • Face coverings are required in your paddock area if you are less than six feet from members of other teams
  • Symptomatic and/or high-risk entrants must stay home: You are responsible for owning up to, and acting on, your own health condition and risk factors
  • Streamlined gate, tech, and check-in processes
  • No HQ desk–all functions move to front gate or tech area
  • Transponders distributed and re-collected at tech
  • Come to Gear Tech fully suited–your gear gets checked while you’re in it
  • Virtual drivers meetings
  • Socialize within your team only; no inter-team meals or gathering unless proper distancing can be (and is) rigorously followed
  • Paddock spaces to be separated as directed onsite
  • Until further notice, we can’t allow spectators or onsite registrations–everyone through the gate MUST be a pre-registered driver or crew!


In order for an event to happen, the answer to all of these questions must be “Yes.”

  • Can we hold the event without flouting a government reg or restriction?
  • Can we institute systems and protocols so that if someone has Covid-19, any spread should remain in their team?
  • Can these systems and protocols be fully in place at that track when the event starts?
  • Can our staff work and travel with acceptable levels of safety?
  • Can enough racers participate to make it worth all of that hassle?