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Traditionals, Ratrods, Customs, and No Billet Crap in Sight

’64 and prior, traditionally-styled hotrods and customs, the way it was done back in the day–with your hands, not your checkbook. Billet barges and trailer queens need not apply. (All Billetproof entries get two free Hooptie-Con passes.)

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The ’80s/’90s Car Show That Blends Period-Correct Dress with Automotive Awesomeness

A period correct event for cars, trucks, and bikes from 1980-1999 that captures the essence of a bodacious era. Wear your best ’80s and ’90s clothing and bring your rollerblades or BMX bike, because it’s going to get RAD! (All Radwood entries get two free Hooptie-Con passes.)

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Celebrating the Oddball, Mundane, and Truly Awful of the Automotive World

The only car show that celebrates Trabants, Cimarrons, hippie-shortened Volkswagen buses, and other vehicular excrescences. Okay, it’s the only car show does it intentionally(All CdL entries get two free Hooptie-Con passes.)

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Drive-In Movies for Drivers

Awards show for the year’s best automotive TV episodes, YT car videos, Bollywood car chases, and more. BYO popcorn and degreaser.

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Endurance Racing for $500 Cars

More people race Lemons than any other wheel-to-wheel series in the world. Which just goes to show the pathetic state motorsport’s come to. (Your 24HoL band is good for all Hooptie-Con crap.)

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Where the Secret Ingredients are Blow-By and Ptomaine

There are only two rules in this BBQ competition: The heat’s gotta come from a car engine, and try not to poison the judges.

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$20 Hooptie-Con Saturday
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Sonoma Raceway is located at 29355 Arnold Drive, Sonoma CA 95476 (at the intersection of Hwy 37 and Hwy 121).