Event Details

Sebring Int'l Raceway, Sebring FL

May 18 - May 19, 2024 / Entry Deadline: April 27, 2024
Targa Florida 2024

Schedule & Info

Schedule & Info

All-access / all-weekend spectator pass is $30 (click here); spectator pass covers race days and pre-race test & inspection day. Spectators have full paddock access but DO NOT have hot-pit access. Spectators are not allowed to touch a race car—anyone wrenching, fueling, etc. needs to register on a team as a crew member.

Sebring has a strict minor waiver procedure. Any minor entering the facility will have to adhere to their rules. If a minor is NOT accompanied by a parent or legal guaradian, the adult accompanying the minor will be required to acquire the proper paperwork. 

Pit-lane garages will be offered for rent here and by email to all paid participants as the race gets closer. If your team reserves an optional pit-lane garage, your space assignment will be given to you by email in advance of the race.

All rookies must watch the Virtual Rookie Meeting

Thursday, 16 May 2024
5pm: Gate opens (USE GATE 1)
5-7pm: Test day registration (garage 30)
10pm: Gate registration closes (no armband, no entry)

Friday, 17 May 2024
7am: Gate Registration opens
8am: HQ/Test Day Registration open (garage 30)
10am-5pm (with lunch break from 12-1pm): Optional track testing. The cost is $375 per team if you register online before the database closes. Onsite reg pricing is $425. Testing is limited to registered Lemons cars with registered Lemons drivers. No passengers allowed. To register online, click "edit" in the "other info" section of your online registration and select the testing option. The cost will be added to your team fees. 
Noon-5pm: BS & Tech at the track. Teams are assigned specific tech times. You'll get yours by email before the race. That's your time: No changes. (Tech times are posted here.)
Noon-5pm: Gear tech (garage 28)
9pm: Gate Registration/gate close (no armband, no entry)

Saturday, 18 May 2024
7am: Gates open
9am: Mandatory Drivers' Meeting at the base of the tower
9:30am: Grid time--show up soon!
10am-6pm: Race Session I
7pm: Gate Registration closes (no armband, no entry)

Sunday, 19 May 2024
7am: Gate registration opens
9am-3:30pm: Race Session II
4pm: Awards
6pm: Be gone! (or the fire ants will be summoned)

•Parking is first-come first-served unless reserved parking is specifically mentioned by Lemons or offered by the track. 
•Every team entry (ie, one racecar) gets 20x40' in the main paddock. Anything that doesn't fit in that box must be moved to spectator/overflow parking (shown on the paddock map).
•Race control is off-limits to participants and spectators.

•All participants must be pre-registered.
•Check the Paddock Map to see where stuff's located.
•Check the Event Schedule to know when stuff happens. 
•GO TO DRIVER-GEAR TECH (near HQ or Tech) ANYTIME during Tech hours. (PUT ON AND WEAR your full safety gear, including the head/neck restraint--don't make us dig through some sweaty-ass gear bag)
•GO TO DRIVERS-LICENSE CHECK (at HQ) ANYTIME during Tech hours. Show your valid, current, unrestricted street license to receive the required Lemons Driver wristband. (Legit hard cards only--insurance requires us not to accept photos or copies.)
•GO TO CAR TECH AT YOUR ASSIGNED TECH TIME. Bring your car and COMPLETED tech sheet; assigned Tech times are linked from the Event Schedule one week before the event. 

•Fueling will be in the hot pits (and track pumps). No fueling in your paddock space during the race.
•Everyone in the fueling area must be in full safety gear.
•Everyone in the fueling area must be a registered driver or crew member--no spectators (we will be checking arm bands).
•Bring your supplies up, fuel the car, and take it all away. No staging of fuel or gear.** (read carefully below)
•There are partially assigned hot-pit spots.** (read carefully below)
•Don't park support vehicles near the fuel area.
•Kill switch off; no one in car; drip pan in place; and a dedicated extinguisher person are all mandatory while fueling.
•Only fueling, driver change, and cool-suit ice changes allowed in the hot pit. For everything else (tire pressure, fluid checks, engine swaps) go to the paddock.
•Full gear not required at track pumps, but no one can be in the car and the kill switch must be off. 

**For teams that have rented an optional garage, fuel storage is NOT allowed inside the garage: You must store all fuel and fuel containers on the garage/cold-pit side of the hot-pit wall. EZ-up tents for fuel shade are permitted for garage renters ONLY. Garage renters can refuel in the hot pits directly across from their assigned garage spot. Teams not renting a garage must refuel in the designated refueling area along the hot pits (or, make a friend with a garage renter and refuel there). Non-garage renters are NOT allowed to store fuel/gear/tents in the hot pits--bring a cart/wagon/sherpa to shuttle your stuff to/from the public fueling area. For ALL teams (garage renters and non-renters), the hot-pit wall is not a hangout spot--you are only allowed to stand there when actively refueling the car. 

Pits and Paddock

Pits and Paddock

PADDOCK SPACE IS LIMITED: Every team entry (ie, one racecar) gets 20x40' in the main paddock. Anything that doesn't fit in that box must be moved to spectator/overflow parking (shown on the paddock map)
OVERNIGHT CAMPING: One camping fee (paid in the team's online reg) covers overnight dry camping for all team members
ELECTRICAL HOOKUPS: Hookups are located along fence line separating grass paddock from concrete paddock. They are $100 for 30/50amp for the weekend. You will pay for this with Sebring guard as you enter the facility. Those spaces are first come, first served. 
GARAGES: Reserved through Lemons. Garages become available to fully paid teams a few weeks before the race. All registered racers will get an email before they're released. Nick will add $100 to your garage-rental fee every time you bug him about garages prior to that announcement. Each garage comes with 110v power.

No open fires
PADDOCK/PIT VEHICLE RULES: Anything that has wheels carrying a human, MUST have a manufacturer seat. NO stand up scooters, one wheels, skateboards, hover boards, unicycles,  etc.