Check Event Page for gate-opening times
The Offical Rulebook
All team members sign waiver and receive blue Participant wristband at front gate
How Not To Fail
Unload car and set up paddock space (without spreading crap across 13 other spaces)
Locate HQ and tech inspection areas (they may be in two different places)
Check the car against the Tech Sheet, initialing each item after verifying that it’s OK
Bring car with filled-out Tech Sheet to tech inspection during inspection hours
Go through tech inspection (If something fails, you’ll fix it later and get it re-checked.)
Go through BS inspection (usually, right in the same line past tech)
After finishing tech & BS, move the car out of everyone's way
If the car passed tech successfully, take completed Tech Sheet to HQ
At any time tech is open, bring complete sets of driver-safety gear to Gear Check (usually inside HQ or tech)
All drivers pick up yellow Driver’s wristband (must physically show valid street license)
Trade in the completed, signed Tech Sheet for a team packet (includes Tech OK sticker)
Pick up rental transponder
Go to the mandatory Rookie Meeting (usually 15 minutes after tech closes)
Mount transponder as low and securely as possible (how-to sheet available at Lemons HQ)
Put Tech OK sticker in top-left corner of windshield (if it’ll rain, tape it on the inside facing out)
Every driver practices full-panic exit from car 5+ times! (They aren’t ready ‘til exit is fast & easy.)
Attend Saturday-morning drivers meeting
Know when racing starts and ends (listed on Event Page, Local Stuff sheet in packet, at HQ)
All drivers familiar with track entry, track exit, track layout, penalty box location, paddock flow
All drivers understand and can recite 10mph max speed in paddock
We have plenty of water and food for the whole team for the weekend and take meal/drink breaks
All teammates understand and can recite proper fueling procedures:
  • Fueling in designated areas only
  • Never leave fuel in the fueling area–bring it up, then bring it back
  • At least two fully suited people to fuel; one w/ extinguisher at the ready 6-10’ feet back
  • Drip pans in place to catch spills
  • No person in cockpit when any fuel jug off the ground
  • No one else within 20 feet when the gas cap is off