Registration Help

When all else fails…


Everyone on your team needs their own online account with its own username and password. Every team member must join from their own account. (Click here to create/log in to your online account.) Logging in takes each member to their own unique My Events page.


The team captain enters the team in the race. The captain does this by logging in (see step 1) to get to their My Events page, then clicking Enter An Event. Once the team is entered, an Entry Overview Page is created for the entry; this Overview lets you see and modify the team name, team roster, payment status, car details, car number, and other key info. It’s also where you invite other people to join the team and add or remove any team members. To reach any Entry Overview, just click the appropriate event in your My Events Page.


The captain invites additional drivers/crew by using the Invite Team Members links on the Entry Overview page. Alternatively, the captain can send invitations directly from inside or outside Lemons’ reg system. A unique Team Invitation Code on the Overview page mens all of these invites will come back to the right race entry. (Pro tip: If somebody doesn’t get the invitation email, just give them the unique Team Invitation Code. A small percentage of email servers will reject automated invites or label them spam, so receiving the actual invite email isn’t necessary — they can manually input the Invitation Code to join the team (see step 4).


Once the invited team members receive their email invitations, they can just click the indicated link in the email. If they’re not already logged in, they’ll be prompted to do so; then, once logged in, they should automatically be added to the team. (If that doesn’t happen, they can also manually enter the Invitation Code in the box on their My Events page.) Captains or team members can assign Driver or Crew status by moving the position toggle next to the person’s name on the online roster.


Both captains and team members should check their team roster (on the left side of the Event Overview page) for accuracy. If there are team members that should be on the roster but aren’t, that means they haven’t completed step 4. Late penalties will apply for team members who don’t complete online registration.


Entry-fee payments can be made by any team member on the Event Overview page. Race licenses are individual and must be bought by each user through their own online account; the link to buy a license is at the bottom of your My Profile page.

Special Info for Multi-Car Teams

Are you nuts?

Does your team want to run two or more cars?

Are you nuts? Well, fine–there are two ways to do it. One, you can enter multiple cars under a single team. Two, you can enter multiple single-car teams. Both methods treat each car as an individual entry, so the fees are the same, each car must have at least two registered drivers, etc. And since any registered driver can drive any registered car at any time, the only difference is that in the single team/multi-car method, championship points scored by all of the cars accrue toward a single team’s total. Which, if you care about such things, kinda helps. Here’s a full rundown of the two ways to do it:

A. Enter a single team with multiple cars.

  1. All cars need to share the same captain.
  2. After entering the first car, the captain can click ENTER AN EVENT again and re-enter the same race.
  3. The system will ask if the captain wants to enter the existing team or a new team; click EXISTING TEAM.
  4. The system will note that one car is already entered and ask if the captain wants to enter a second; click “yes.”
  5. The second car will then be entered in the race. It will have its own separate Event Overview page. The two entries will share the same team name but will be listed as (team name) A, (team name B), etc.
  6. When entered this way, points earned by the multiple cars are combined toward the single team’s total.

B. Enter multiple separate teams. 

  1. Cars do not need to share the same captain.
  2. Once the captain has entered the first car in a race, he or she clicks ENTER AN EVENT again and re-enters the same race. (Or, a different captain can enter the second team.)
  3. If the existing captain is the same, the system will ask if he or she wants to enter the existing team or a new team. Click NEW TEAM and proceed just like any other race entry.
  4. When entered this way, championship points earned by the multiple teams will not be combined, and cannot be combined after the fact.