Official Results!
April 14-15, 2018 | Autobahn Country Club, Joliet IL

The Yokohama Joliet Prison Break

And the winners are...

  • Winner on Laps

    Team Sheen

    #181 || 94 Acura Integra, South Haven Michigan
  • Winner on Index of Effluency

    The Wonderment Consortium

    #420 || 1991 Hyundai Scoupe LS, Aurora IL
  • Winner, Class A (The Good)

    Team Sheen

    #181 || 94 Acura Integra, South Haven Michigan
  • Winner, Class B (The Bad)

    Knights Templar (Kokomo division of SHFC)

    #108 || 1995 Dodge Neon, Kokomo IN
  • Winner, Class C (The Ugly)

    Avid Fleet Racing

    #74 || 2002 hyundai sonata, Savage Minnesota
  • Organizer's Choice

    THE PaceMakerz

    #88 || 1997 Dodge Intrepid, Monee peotone bradley
  • Most Heroic Fix

    N.A.S.A (Nice and Slow Autosports)

    #67 || 1999 Saturn SC2, Detroit MI
  • Judges' Choice

    Beer and Jelly Bean

    #39 || 1999 Mercury Cougar, Grand Rapids MI
  • I Got Screwed

    United Partnership of Pentastar Racer

    #92 || 1992 Plymouth Sundance Duster, Detroit MI
  • Lee Myung-Bak Pride of South Korea Trophy

    Terribly Awesome Racing

    #616 || 1986 Hyundai Excel, Graceville



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