Jay Lamm: Here Are Some Ops Changes Expected During COVID

Hi Again:

As promised last week, here’s what we currently think an event during Covid would look like to racers and crew. There will still be fine-tuning–this is only an overview.

  • Face covers required
  • Social distancing aggressively enforced (by both track and Lemons staff)
  • Symptomatic and/or high-risk entrants must stay home
  • Streamlined gate, tech, and check-in processes (fewer steps, fewer separate stops, and mandatory social distancing lines)
  • No HQ desk–all functions move to front gate or tech area
  • Transponders distributed and re-collected at tech
  • Come to Gear Tech fully suited–your gear gets checked while you’re in it
  • Timed stop-and-go penalties only
  • No hot pit fueling
  • Drivers meetings and awards ceremony held online
  • Socialize within your team only; no inter-team meals or parties
  • Paddock spaces to be separated as directed onsite
  • Increased cleaning, shielding, occupancy limits, etc per CDC guidelines

Obviously, nothing revolutionary, but also not trivial. Whenever we’re able to restart, the experience will be different. If you’re just not down with that, we get it–just mothball your car ’til it’s over.

Since every track is different, specific instructions (such as maps, checklists, specific meeting URLs, and/or anything else that seems useful) will go out to each entrant before the race. We’ll also keep the COVID information and  individual Event Pages updated in real time as much as possible. We hope racing can restart soon, but like everyone else we need to be honest and realistic about where we are now. We’re prepared to wait as long as it takes for an orderly, acceptably safe return.

That’s today’s update. More info, as soon as we know it, will get shared here and on the social feeds linked at the bottom.

Best regards, stay safe, and thanks for hanging in with us,
Jay Lamm