Lemons Rally: Six Events and a Rental Car Class for 2022

Santa Cruz–Much to the chagrin of municipal leaders in more than 20 states, Lemons Rally has announced its six-event calendar for 2022 as well as the introduction of a Rental Car Class. 

The Lemons Rally–the roadgoing counterpart to the 24 Hours of Lemons endurance races for $500 cars–lays out a set of challenges and checkpoints for competitors along public roads. The rallies operate a bit like long-distance scavenger hunts on roads big and small, famous and obscure. Teams accumulate points for bringing janky cars (there’s no official price limit) and finding out-of-the-way pieces of American ephemera and history.

The ‘22 season features four returning events (such as the Rust Belt Ramble and a Four Corners edition of the Rocky Mountain Breakdown) and two all-new weekends, the Southern Fried Heaps Rally and the long-distance Great River Road Lemons Rally

In the new-for-’22 Rental Car Class, participants will compete for a separate trophy than the (ahem) regular rally cars with starting points awarded based on the crappiness of the rental car company, inexplicably high mileage and/or hammered condition of the rental, and—most importantly—themes/regalia/schtick. For a full explanation of the Rental Car Class, click here.


2022 Lemons Rally Schedule

  • March 4-6: Southern Fried Heaps Rally (Mobile, AL to Cedar Key, FL)
  • April 21-24: Rocky Mountain Breakdown (Denver, CO to Denver, CO)
  • July 15-17: Rust Belt Ramble (Detroit, MI to Buffalo, NY)
  • August 5-7: Hell On Wheels California (Sacramento, CA to Sacramento, CA)
  • September 30-October 2: Fall Fail-Iage Tour (Boston, MA to Boston, MA)
  • November 8-12: Great River Road Lemons Rally (New Orleans, LA to St. Paul, MN)

To see more details or to register for a Lemons Rally click here. To watch a great video that encapsulates all the rally is about, click here.