Event Details

New Jersey Motorsports Park, Millville NJ

Jun 12 - Jun 13, 2021 / Entry Deadline: May 29, 2021
Yokohama Real Hoopties of New Jersey 2021



All-access spectator passes can be purchased for $30 at the gate. Kids under 16 are free. If you will be touching a race car, you must be preregistered on a team as driver or crew. Please review the Covid rules below. 

Thunderbolt full course

NJMP is the one track this year where we will require a Snell SA2015 or newer helmet. While Lemons is honoring Snell SA2010 helmets through the end of 2021, New Jersey as a state is not. There may be separate enforcement (by the NJ State Police--no, we are not kidding) onsite. If you're racing NJMP and don't have an SA2015 or newer helmet, we advise you to update to SA2020.

Follow this link to reserve a garage with the track. https://njmp.com/garage-rentals/

Optional Friday testing is organized and operated by NJMP, not Lemons. Includes optional Thursday-night early facility entry and optional Thursday-night early testing inspection (NJMP testing inspection does not count as Lemons inspection).
To sign up: https://newjerseymotorsportspark.motorsportreg.com/events/24-hours-of-lemons-promoter-test-day-thunderbolt-raceway-new-jersey-927172

All drivers must watch the Online Drivers Meeting.
All rookies must watch the Virtual Rookie Meeting

Thursday, 10 June 2021
7pm: Gates open
7pm-8:30pm: NJMP Friday-testing reg and tech (this is NOT Lemons tech)
10pm: Gate Registration closes. No armband, no entry.

Friday, 11 June 2021
7am: Gates open
7am-11: NJMP Testing car-tech. (Only cars testing need to go through this.)
9am-5pm: Optional NJMP-organized track testing
Noon-5pm: Mandatory Lemons tech and BS inspection. Teams are assigned specific tech times. You'll get yours by email before the race. That's your time: No changes. (Assigned Tech Times can also be found here.)
Noon-5pm: Mandatory Lemons gear inspection
5:30pm-6:30pm: Track Walk (no motorized vehicles)
9pm: Gate Registration closes. No armband, no entry.

Saturday, 12 June 2021
7am: Gates open
9am: Mandatory Drivers' Meeting
9:30am: Grid time--show up soon!
10am-6pm: Race Session I
5pm: Gate registration closes. No armband, no entry.

Sunday, 13 June 2021
7am: Gates open
9am-3:30pm: Race Session II
4pm: Awards
7pm: Gates close

•At this time, we will be enforcing the following. If there are changes, they will be posted here first. 
•Maintain six feet of social distance from anyone not on your team.
•Masks required in indoor public spaces. Masks optional but strongly encouraged outdoors. Always follow all local mask rules and CDC guidelines
•Stay home if you have symptoms.
•Tell Lemons officials immediately if you have symptoms on site.

•Keep 10' of space (the width of a city bus) between paddock spots. 
•Please don't bring extra vehicles--we can't waste the paddock space!
•The timing tower is off limits--please keep out. 

•Your team's BS/Car Tech time will be assigned. You'll be notified of your tech time by email a few days before the race.
•Complete your tech sheet BEFORE coming to BS/Car Tech.
•When you pass tech, we'll drop a packet including your Tech OK sticker, rental transponder, and other crap onto the driver's seat. That's it--you're finished!

Wear your full safety gear, including head-and-neck restraint, to gear tech. Helmet can be off, so be masked.
•Gear Tech takes place dudring regular tech hours. If you miss it, just go the Penalty Box for a onesy-twosy inspection.

•Fueling will be in the hot pits (and track pumps). No fueling in your paddock space during the race.
•Everyone in the fueling area must be in full safety gear.
•Everyone in the fueling area must be a registered driver or crew member--no spectators.
•Bring your supplies up, fuel the car, and take it all away. No staging of fuel or gear.
•There are no assigned hot-pit spots.
•Don't park support vehicles near the fuel area.
•Kill switch off; no one in car; drip pan in place; and a dedicated extinguisher person are all mandatory while fueling.
•Only fueling, driver change, and cool-suit ice changes allowed in the hot pit. For everything else (tire pressure, fluid checks, engine swaps) go to the paddock.
•Full gear not required at track pumps, but no one can be in the car and the kill switch must be off. 

Pits and Paddock

Pits and Paddock

Camping: Yes
Electrical / RV Hookups: Sold in advance, contact NJMP directly to reserve: 856.327.7256 or registration@NJMP.com
Bathrooms, Showers, Running Water: Yes
Gas grilles only--no wood, charcoal, or open fires
Fuel Sold at the Track: Min 93 octane; must be pumped by attendent per NJ law
No skateboards, hoverboards, or razor-type scooters
Special Quiet Hours: No race engines from 8pm-8:30am
Special Pit Vehicle Rules: Golf carts and ATVs must get a Personal Paddock Vehicle sticker (available onsite from the track) and may only be operated by licensed drivers 16 or older.