Hella Sweet Lemons Car of the Week: Team Haulin’ Ass Plymouth Scamp

Posted April 29, 2019

If there’s one thing we love in this series, it’s a front-wheel-drive pickup based on a French design, tearing up the track with double-digit Iacocca horsepower. Yes, we’re talking about the Dodge Rampage and Plymouth Scamp, the truck-ized versions of the L-body Charger that were built from the 1982 through 1984 model years. For reasons that mystify us, only one team has raced one of these fine machines: California’s Team Haulin’ Ass and their 1983 Scamp. Team Haulin’ Ass found and caged their Scamp, added a donkey piñata to the bed (papier-mâché is very lightweight, making it ideal for high-performance…

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