6 Lemons Cars On Our Wish List

Posted April 1, 2019

Wondering what Lemons car you SHOULD be building? Of course you are. No worries, we’ve got you covered with this Lemons Car Wish List.

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Cheap Race Car Build: Winning Lemons with 55 Horsepower

Posted March 20, 2019

The typical cheap race car build focuses on going fast on a budget. But this is the 24 Hours of Lemons, where speed is secondary to endurance, and overall finishing position is secondary to racing a weird car. So, when Black Iron Racing decided to take a break from trying to win a Lemons race overall in their V8-swapped BMW camper (seen above), they didn’t lose any of their competitive juices–in fact, they set their sights on even more prestigious prizes. Lemons racing has three different classes, which were originally (and confusingly) described as Prayer of Winning, Prayer of Finishing,…

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