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January 16, 2020

White Pony Dry named ‘Desperately Needed Absorbent of Lemons’

You all spill lots of fluid everywhere and now we have an official fluid absorbent of Lemons. White Pony Dry can also clean fluids in many other venues.

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January 15, 2020

Retreat From Moscow 2020: Lemons Rally Need-To-Knows

We give the rundown on the 2020 Retreat From Moscow Rally and what you need to know before you show up with your heap, daily driver, rental, or whatever!

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January 14, 2020

The Greatest New Lemons Cars of the 2019 Season

Some of the most terribly spectacular and spectacularly terrible 24 Hours of Lemons race cars that debuted during the 2019 season.

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January 9, 2020

VINwiki: Chief Perp Tells a Lemony Tale of Accidental Collector Car-ness

The Chief Perp Jay Lamm makes an appearance on VINwiki Stories. He talks about the (extremely) rare Lemons team that (accidentally) made money on their car.

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December 20, 2019

Champions of the Lemons World: Your 2019 Winners!

We give the rundown on Lemons’ national and regional champions (term used loosely) for 2019. ‘Twas a good year for crapcans.

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December 9, 2019

Hella Sweet Lemons Car of the Week: The Run-EXP 1982 Ford EXP

During the 1980s, when you wanted a two-seat version of a huge-selling and much-beloved subcompact, what car did you buy? For most people— boring people, that is— the answer was the Honda CRX, the shortened Civic. For those who wanted to roll in true Ford Escort style, there was the Ford EXP and its Mercury-badged […]

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December 4, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide: Lemons Gifts That Don’t Suck (Probably)

Looking for a holiday gift for that special Lemons racer in your life? We offer some (maybe) helpful suggestions for a Lemons-tacular holiday.

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November 21, 2019

Arse-Freeze-Apalooza 2009: 10 Years Later

We look back to the third Arse-Freeze race at Thunderhill, now 10 years behind us and featuring a claimed V12 Mercedes, a rolled MGB, and more.

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November 20, 2019

Willow Springs ’20 Date Moves to March 28-29

We’ve moved our first Willow Springs date in 2020 back a few weeks to accommodate another series. Get the date and details here.

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October 4, 2019

Tunachuckers: Drive Your Junk To Work Day

Ever driven your crappy race car to work? Tunachuckers team captain Mike writes of commuting in his “Plymford” for us. It’s a thing of beauty.

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September 10, 2019

Hella Sweet Lemons Cars of the Week: Veggie-Oil-Powered Mercedes-Benzes at Altamont 2007

Depending on how you count, we’ve had 219 Lemons races since that first one at Altamont Motorsports Park in the fall of 2006, and #220 and #221 will take place this weekend (in Colorado and South Carolina, respectively). With all those great races and all those great cars, you might be surprised to learn that […]

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September 5, 2019

Lemons Wish List: Late-Model Chrysler Models Provide a Ripe Batch

Many Chrysler cars from the last 20 years might be your ticket to Lemons fame. Or notoriety. Which is basically the same as Lemons “fame.”

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September 3, 2019

Sunbeam Rapier: Not Sharp and Not Dull (Hella Sweet Lemons Car of the Week)

Your Hella Sweet Lemons Car of the Week is a great mashup of Rootes Group and 1970s domestic economy car. It’s Lemons’ first Sunbeam Rapier!

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August 20, 2019

Fiat X1/9 Frankenstein: A Rotary-Swapped Hella Sweet Car of the Week

It’s time for another Hella Sweet Car of the Week and it’s another Fiat…kind of. The Italian Stallions built a rotary-powered monster out of a Fiat X1/9.

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August 19, 2019

NHMS and the IOE: Maximum Effluency in New England

We’ve visited New Hampshire Motor Speedway 10 times—we didn’t even need toes to count yet—so we recap the Index of Effluency winners from NHMS.

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August 16, 2019

Heroic Lemons Buick Reatta and Toyota Supra Exploits Documented in Hella Sweet Comic Book

A comic book documenting the struggles of Morrow’s Auto and their Buick Reatta and Toyota Supra 24 Hours of Lemons race cars.

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August 14, 2019

Tony Swan Never Say Die Memorial: Race in Michigan to Raise Money for Cancer Research

Sign up for the Tony Swan Never Say Die Memorial race by this weekend. The race will raise funds for cancer charity in honor of our late friend Tony Swan.

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August 13, 2019

Hella Sweet Lemons Car of the Week: the Scuderia Fluffball Fiat 128 sedan

If there’s one kind of car we love to see on our race tracks, it’s Italian cars. Yes, passionate, soulful Italian cars, and no car could be more Italian than the little front-wheel-drive sedan that revolutionized the European automotive world in 1969 and was built all the way through 2009 (in Egypt): the versatile Fiat […]

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October 12, 2022

Lemons Releases 2023 Race and Rally Calendars

It’s time for the Lemons 2023 schedule! Rallies and Races, get yourself signed up right now for next year!

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November 10, 2021

Lemons Rally: Six Events and a Rental Car Class for 2022

Lemons Rally brings a half-dozen road trips in 2022 as well as a new class just for Rental Cars. Get the details here!

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November 3, 2021

Halloween Meets Gasoline Prize: Cash & Trophy for Stupidity? You Bet.

“Halloween Meets Gasoline.” We’ve said it for years and now we’re putting our money where our mouth is. Theme hard, win cash. Simple enough.

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October 13, 2021

2022 Calendar: Lemons Announces 31-Event Calendar

2022 Calendar is out for the 24 Hours of Lemons, Lemons Rally, and Concours d’Lemons. See what’s happening in 2022!

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February 19, 2021

PittRace: 4 Great Lemons Cars From Our First Race in PA

We’re headed back to PittRace near Pittsburgh and Yinz need to see these awesome cars from our first PittRace visit.

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January 11, 2021

Barber Race, Retreat From Moscow Rally COVID’d

Due to COVID-19, Lemons will postpone our race at Barber and our season-opening Lemons Rally. Details within.

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December 4, 2020

2021 Lemons Rally: Schedule includes five crapcan rallies

2021 Lemons Rally schedule is out with a handful of fantastic roadtrips for you, your crapcan, and your friends/family/enemies.

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October 22, 2020

Lemons Releases 2021 Schedule

We’ve got the Lemons 2021 Schedules right here, hot and ready and mostly complete, even. Check it out and register early!

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August 11, 2020

Hell On Wheels California Lemons Rally: What You Need to Know!

It’s not too late to join the Hell on Wheels California Rally! Here’s what you need to know for this socially distanced crapcan roadtrip!

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January 25, 2023

2022 Detroit Concours d’Lemons – Photos and Winners

Hoopties of all descriptions dripped oil at Comerica Park on Sept. 17, 2022 at the Detroit Concours d’Lemons showcasing the Oddball, Mundane and Truly Awful of the Automotive World as part of Hagerty’s Cars and Community event. Owners offered up bribes to capricious celebrity judges in hopes of taking home dollar store sourced trophies in […]

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October 27, 2021

2021 Greenwich Concours d’Lemons – Winners and Photos

The inaugural Greenwich Concours d’Lemons clattered onto the waterfront green at Roger Sherman Baldwin Park on Saturday, Oct. 23, 2021, as part of Hagerty’s Greenwich Concours weekend. A revised two-day format featured a full classic concours on Sunday and a less buttoned down gathering on Sat. that featured RadWood, Porschella and the oil burning, rust […]

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September 10, 2021

2021 California Concours d’Lemons – Photos and Winners

The Concours d’Lemons California came roaring back from quarantine with a field full of the worst cars imaginable. From a chop top KV Mini ! To a 1969 Toyota Corolla Wagon that was more rust than wagon the show offered much needed relief to the expensive and often pretentious Monterey Auto Week. Self proclaimed Concours […]

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July 27, 2021

2021 Concours d’Lemons Michigan – Pics and Winners

Thunderstorms of near biblical proportions forced the 2021 Concours d’Lemons off the sodden fairways of the Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth, MI and into parking lot behind the hotel, next to the dumpsters, where it really belonged. Crap cans from all over the midwest braved the damp weather and shared their hoopties with the […]

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June 21, 2021

Lemons Rally NorthWrecks 2021 – Pics and Winners

The inaugural Pacific NorthWrecks Lemons Rally sputtered and smoked its way across Washington and Oregon June 11-13, 2021. Participants in vehicles ill-suited to the nearly thousand-mile, three-day rally set off from Griot’s Garage Headquarters in Tacoma, WA, hoping to accumulate points by finding unique and humorous checkpoints outlined in a hastily prepared route book. Rally […]

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June 16, 2021

Concours d’Lemons NorthWorst 2021 – Winners and Photos

The inaugural Concours d’Lemons NorthWorst took place on June 12, 2021, at Griot’s Garage Headquarters in Tacoma, WA to the delight of hooptie fans all over the NorthWest. RattletTraps and RustBuckets gleamed in the rare northwest sunshine as a large crowd of bewildered spectators enjoyed stunning weather, great stories from the car’s owners and laughs […]

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June 2, 2021

Concours d’Lemons Florida 2021 – Photos and Video

The Concours d’Lemons returned to ruin the Amelia Island Concours weekend on May 22, 2021 at Main Beach Park in Fernandina Beach, Florida. A lighthearted spoof on high end concours, the Concours d’Lemons features the oddball, mundane and truly awful of the automotive world. Hoopties from all over the southeast rattled or were pushed into […]

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May 12, 2021

Inaugural P(into) G(remlin) A(mc) Miniature Golf Tournament

The Inaugural P(into) G(remlin) A(mc) Miniature Golf Tournament will take place during the 2021 Florida Concours d’Lemons on May 22, 2021 12noon-4pm at Main Beach Park, Fernandina Beach, FL. Each car entry will receive a token good for a round of miniature golf at the immediately adjacent Putt Putt Amelia Island course. Other shows happen […]

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March 19, 2021

Wrong Parts! – 1977 AMC Pacer

  Watch to find out which parts were wrong. It took us a little while to find out, but some of the parts we got to fix the 1977 Pacer were wrong.   Running for the first time – Episode 1 Driving for the first time – Episode 2 Big Problems – Episode 3 Wrong […]

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